Know your CIO Mr. Imad Syed

 Know your CIO Mr. Imad Syed

Know your CIO Mr. Imad Syed


1.  Can you please tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today.

I have been passionate about computer science & technology as these helps do the work smarter & better, being from the computer science background helped me understand the business & the market trends, thus I was able to articulate the business problems, conceive & perceive the solutions for the problems. I have started as a systems engineer and grown up into a senior executive level by learning a lot about various technologies & implementing them for customers solving their business needs. One has to keep learning & never stop the process of acquiring right knowledge throughout the career in order to succeed at a bigger platform.


2.  Take us through a recent workday

Early mornings are the best time to plan the work for the day, this is when I start charting out the tasks and prepare my schedule for the day based on the value-adding priorities, though I start my work at office around 10am a bit late as I do work late in the evenings to catch up with global colleagues and suit their time zones. Quick stand-up meetings & strategic meetings with various teams are part of my workday, checking the progress on various projects & making sure we produce quality work effectively.


3.  What apps, gadgets or tools, you can’t live without

iPhone, iPad & MacBook; Skype & WhatsApp are regular used for effective communication across different teams.


4.  What is your workspace set up like?

My strategic team sits closer to me so that we can make timely decisions, I do stretch a bit every couple of hours and relax for couple of minutes by moving around and leaning on the couches etc...


5.  What is the best life hack?

Plan, Prepare, Produce & Progress.


6.  How do you keep track of what is important?

I do plan for 80% of my time every morning, however 20% of my time is always kept open for any unforeseen requirements that I might have to address, thus I focus on the tasks that have more priority & added value.


7.  What is your least favourite thing to do and how do you deal with it?

I hate waiting for something to get finished, thought I have lot of patience, however I tend to be restless if things doesn’t move as planned.


8.  How do you recharge your batteries?

Take deep breath or learn about the technology trends & evolutions in the market.


9.  What is the best advice that you have ever received?

Balance personal & professional life, don’t take either for granted.


10.  What is your leadership mantra?

Enable & Empower people around us, help & guide them & let them win big to achieve bigger goals.


11.  What makes you laugh?

When people give lame excuses why they couldn’t finish a task.


12.  What makes you angry?

When people don’t try to make things happen.


13.  How do you keep learning and staying on top of the tech trends playing out?

I do read & learn every evening, I make a point to learn something new everyday.


14.  What is your favourite quote?

Be Positive, Be Proactive, you’ll be ahead all the time….


15. What is your advice to people who aspire to become leaders sometime soon?

Don’t work to impress someone, work passionately & have humility towards others.