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GST tax value in MIRO layout

  • March 5, 2018 3:42 PM IST

    Issue –

    Not able to see the Tax value of line items in MIRO line item layout. We can see tax code but not tax value.


    Business process/User Experience affected

    While passing MIRO for invoices with multiple line items, GST is calculated at line item level for each item depending on the condition records maintained and PO tax code. However if the total GST tax as per physical invoice does not match with what is calculated in MIRO, it becomes virtually impossible for user to find out which line item is wrong. He has to manually look at the PO for each and every line item and calculate GST to find this out.

    This is very cumbersome and leads to a bottleneck


    Study done so far –

    We observe that we do not have tax value field in the item level layout in MIRO. We tried to check T code OLMRLIST  to see if we can change the layout with screen SAPLMR1M-6310.However in SAPLMR1M , we only see tax code field and not tax value. The Structure DRSEG has field WMWST- tax amount in Document currency but this field is not visible in OLMRLIST. We do not know if tax value is available in WMWST at run time. 


    Requirement –

    Can we get Tax value field In MIRO line item level? This is a must have since GST is now calculated at line item level as a design and hence we cannot depend on the header tax value field any longer.The user has to have a way of finding out the tax value calculation for the items of his invoice at item level. At the very least I need a report that does this based on delivery note/PO so that user can look at it and make his life easier.



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