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Introducing Salesforce for Messenger

  • January 10, 2018 5:18 PM IST

    The potential is enormous. More than 900 million people use Messenger every month. It is personal and immediate. With the launch of Messenger Platform, companies now have a powerful, new engagement channel that gives them a scalable way to communicate directly with customers.
    Imagine the possibilities.

    • A traveler stuck on the runway is worried she’ll miss her connecting flight. She can communicate directly with the airline via Messenger, rebook her connection for a later time and relax knowing that she’ll get where she needs to go.

    • Or, an investor who has a pressing tax question can send a message and his salesforce training financial advisor can quickly reply from a mobile device while in between meetings.

    • Or, a shopper has a poor experience at a department store and posts about it on the store’s main Facebook Page. The store’s customer service rep sees this and moves the conversation to Messenger to make a direct connection and gives the shopper a refund.