CEI Cycle #1 Business Intelligence:

Brief about CEI:

SAP's Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) offers a range of projects where SAP development looks to engage with customers to influence future solutions.

Project activities can include discussing innovative ideas and concepts, specifying future functions and features, and defining new business and integration processes.
For INDUS members, this is a great opportunity to

  • Gain early insight into SAP product plans
  • Help shape future SAP developments in your areas of interest
  • Closely collaborate with SAP teams
  • Network with peers globally

The current CEI cycle offers the following Retail related project. Learn more and sign up via the links below, until 7th April 2017, to receive an invitation to an introductory call with SAP's development team. After this call, you can decide whether you want to participate in the project.

Business Intelligence topics: