About Membership

  • What are the benefits of being a member?

    INDUS provides you with a platform to learn and network with other SAP users. INDUS community provides great content that you can take back to your organisation. INDUS Members also get to meet with SAP executives as part of our Executive exchange sessions. INDUS Members get free entry to INDUS Conferences and webcasts. There are also other benefits which you can find here.

  • Is my organisation already a member?

    You can search your company name under the membership tab to find your membership status

  • What types of membership are available?

    There are different levels of membership Clickhere.

  • How do I join the User Group?

    You can join the user group by signing up on the INDUS community website. There is a free option available so you can experience the benefits before becoming a full member.

  • How do I renew my membership?

    You can renew your membership under the membership section on the website.

  • What is a Primary Contact?

    Primary contact usually the contact under whose name your organisation is registered with INDUS. Usually CXOs of that organisation.

  • What is the difference between a paid member and non-paid member account?

    Paid member are eligible to access content via webcasts, attend INDUS events for free and are also eligible for premium support from the INDUS Support team. For more details click here

  • How to add other colleagues in the community for newsletter etc?

    To access INDUS Content you can ask your colleagues to register as a members depending upon your membership level.

About User Accounts

  • What is a member account?

    A Member account is your individual account that you set up once your company has registered as INDUS Members.

  • What is my User Name?

    Your user name is your official email address

  • How do I set up a member login account?

    You can sign up here

  • Do I need to set up a new Account if I move companies?

    Yes, as INDUS only offers corporate membership, you need to sign up again if your organisation is an SAP user and registered as a INDUS Member. Membership is linked to your official email address.

  • About Events

    • Is there a cost to attend INDUS Events if I am a member?

      You can attend INDUS event for free if you are a Paid INDUS Member. However there is a cap on number of attendees from an organisation based on your membership level. If you are a free member, you will need to pay as applicable

    • Can Non-Members attend an INDUS Event?

      Yes, as paid registration. However priority will be for INDUS members for certain programs where there are limited seats.

    • How do I register for an event?.

      You can register for an event through the Event landing page on the INDUS Website.

    • I am registered for an event but can no longer attend what should I do?

      Please let us know in advance if you are unable to attend the event. You can nominate a colleague from your organisation to attend the event. Please note that there are no refunds if you have paid for the registration.