Membership Code of Ethics

    All the members of INDUS should adopt and govern the following Codes of Conduct:

  • All the members should refrain from engaging in any activity which would harm the confidentiality of their employers, INDUS or any other person or organisation.
  • All the registration requirement and information should be duly filled with appropriate credentials.
  • All the INDUS members should not engage in any form of sales activity, direct or indirect or conduct any other activity which is against the policies of INDUS.
  • Members should not be distributing any material or display any kind of post at INDUS activities without prior approval.
  • Members should not use the INDUS name other than in the conduct of INDUS business without the approval from the INDUS team.
  • All INDUS members should not engage in any form of recruitment at, or using INDUS resources, without prior approval from the INDUS operation team.